Activities near Pheasant Valley Farms

Activities and Local Places of Interest

Pheasant Valley Farms is close to many interesting areas to explore. If you are interested in Golf there are several public golf courses near. We will gladly give you directions to the courses.


If you are a wine connoisseur there is an excellent winery just approximately 25 miles from the farm. Forcee Winery is just east of Coffeen. We have maps available in your farmhouse. Sit out on the patio of this beautiful winery that is surrounded by their vineyards and countryside. Forcee Winery is open all year around.


Whether it is for antiques, furniture, or clothing, you will find many stores in nearby Hillsboro, Vandalia, Taylorville, Nokomis, and Litchfield.


There is an abundance of dining in the communities right outside of Pheasant Valley Farms. Hillsboro is only 6 miles away and offers anything from fast food, pizza, Chinese, home style cooking or fine dining. If you prefer to fix your own meals, an IGA grocery store is in Hillsboro.

Historical Attractions

Not far from Pheasant Valley Farms is Springfield, Illinois – the home of Abraham Lincoln and tours are available daily. There are many historical sites in Springfield as well as Vandalia. Brochures are available through the Illinois Visitors Bureau and we have maps and booklets in your farmhouses.